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International NuPhaC Summer School in Antwerp August 17-21, 2020

For many patients, pharmaceutical care and medication management are crucial elements of the therapy prescribed. Healthcare providers collaborate in order to achieve high quality of care and best possible patient outcomes. Nurses spend a lot of time managing patients’ medication, supporting patient self-management and adherence, educating patients, monitoring therapeutic and side effects, evaluating and making decisions on medication use and guarding safety for the patient. The summer course addresses nurses’ roles, interprofessional collaboration, and best practices in nurse pharmaceutical care. The Who, The What, The Why and The How.

  • The Who? What is nurses’ role in interprofessional pharmaceutical care? Current practices, international differences and future perspectives.

  • The What? What can nurses do to improve pharmaceutical care? Interventions and their effects.

  • The Why? Pharmacology for nurses and patient groups.

  • The How? How can you address specific pharmaceutical care related problems in your clinical practice?

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