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NUPHAC Projects

Nurses' role in pharmaceutical care

  • Equanu: Equality in societal and professional recognition of nurses in Europe (2022 - )

  • The implementation of the NuPhaC EU Framework in Clinical Practice (2022 - )

  • Teamwork with pharmacy assistants on hospital departments (2022 - )

  • Train-the-trainer to improve nurse education based on the NuPhaC EU framework (2022 - )

  • Development of a model for interprofessional pharmaceutical care (2017 - 2022)

    • EUPRON: A study on nurses' role in pharmaceutical care in Europe (2017-2018)

  • Calculation skills of nurses in hospitals (2016-2017)

  • Extra training in pharmaceutical care for nurses: their wishes and needs.

  • Pharmacology and pharmaceutical care in nurse education in Flanders, Belgium (2009-2010)

  • Pharmacology knowledge and calculation skills in Nursing students (2008-2009)

  • Nurses' role in medication management in Flanders, Belgium, in nursing homes, community care and hospitals  (2006-2009)

  • Nurses' knowledge on pharmacology and pharmacotherapy in nursing homes, community care and hospitals (2006-2009)


Medication self-management, adherence and patient education

  • The effect of self-management during hospitalization on adherence after discharge in patients with polypharmacy (2020-2025)

  • SelfMED

    • SelfMED psy: Development and testing of a complex intervention to improve self-management of medication in hospitalized psychiatric patients. (2017-2023)

    • SelfMED: Development and testing of a complex intervention to improve self-management of medication in hospitalized patients. (2014-2019)

  • Medication self-management skills of patients discharged from hospital (2016-2018)

  • Medication Adherence management (MedAM): a nurse-led multifaceted approach (2009-2014)

Quality of presribing and drug monitoring

  • Implementation of electronic tools to support interprofessional medication review. A market research (2022)

  • DePenD: The effect of deprescribing in older persons at the end of life, investigation using big data. (2020-2026)

  • Development of eHOME, a Mobile Instrument for Reporting, Monitoring, and Consulting Drug-Related Problems in Home Care: Human-Centered Design Study.

  • The use of self medication in different groups of profesionaly active adults (2016-2017)

  • A comparison between nurse and patient reported adverse drug reactions (2015)

  • Pharmanurse: The developent and testing of an intervention to support drug monitoring and interprofessional medication review in nursing homes. (2007-2011)

  • PHEBE: prescribing in nursing homes for the elderly (2005-2007)

Safety in medication management

  • High risk medication in community care. Towards safe medication management for nurses and patients (2017-2022)

  • The prevalence and causes of medication errors in hospitals. A investigation starting from various view points. (2015-2020)

  • Automated Distribution Systems. A SWOT analysis from a nursing perspective (2016-2017)

  • Nurses experiences on medication error reporting (2012-2013)

  • The evolution of medication management in nursing homes (2007-2011)

  • Barriers in safe medication management in nursing home (2008-2009)


Communication, collaboration and reporting in pharmaceutical care

  • Positief: a project showing good practices interprofessional pharmaceutical care. Inspiration and education. (2021-2022)

  • Improving transmural collaboration between nursing home nurses and general practitioners (2015-2016)

People centered care

  • Adjusting care to the person. The impact of societal diversity on dealing with polypharmacy.

  • Shared decision making on medication in different contexts.

  • Medication Literacy in hospitalized patients.

About every project is the result of a strong collaboration with our partners, nationally and internationally, with nurses and with other stakeholders in pharmaceutical care. We want to thank all our partners! You can learn about some of them at the Partners page!

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People centered care

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