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Project File: EUPRON

Nurses' role in interprofessional pharmaceutical care in Europe

The Universities of Antwerp and Utrecht have taken the initiative to set up the international EUPRON project. The project is under supervision of prof. dr. Bart Van Romaey and prof. dr. Tinne Dilles. Elyne De Baetselier is project manager.

Partner countries: Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, FYR Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, UK (England and Wales) Sweden and Greece

The aim of te study is to describe nurses’ role in pharmaceutical care, from the viewpoint of nurses, doctors and pharmacists, in different European countries. Also, experiences in interprofessional collaboration with nurses in pharmaceutical care will be examined. For each country, nurses’ roles in interprofessional pharmaceutical care will be described, Following an international comparison of roles, tasks and experiences of interprofessional collaboration, recommendations will be formulated.

In a quantitative, cross-sectional survey design nurses, doctors and pharmacists of different European countries are invited to complete an online questionnaire.In each country local nurse leaders facilitate communication with local healthcare providers. The nurse leaders include nurses, pharmacists and doctors by contacting local health organizations or through convenience sampling in their own country. Measurement instruments are develloped in collaboration with the nurse leaders.

Final  Positive Clearance of the Ethics Committee:


In some countries additional Ethical appoval has been obtained. 


Special thanks to:

- All nurse leaders

- European Association of Nursing Science

- Sigma Theta Tau International - Rho Chi Chapter

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