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Project File Harmonic
High Risk Medication in Community Care

The University of Antwerp and Wit-Gele Kruis Flanders collaborate to develop a policy on high risk medication in community care. The project is under supervision of prof. dr. Tinne Dilles and prof. dr. Minne Casteels. Irina Dumitrescu is PhD student.

Input of literature and experts of around the world are used to develop a policy, adjusted to the context of community care, to prevent harm related to the use of high risk medication. 

High Risk Medicines should be managed with care as the risk for adverse drug reactions and harm for patients is higher. Health care institutions are supposed to identify HRM and use specific safety measures and guidelines in dealing with HRM. Adjustment of existing HRM lists and procedures for community care, based on evidence, is needed to harmonize HRM management and maximize patient safety. 


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